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Barcelona Curiosities

Barcelona is filled with curious things, some of which can be found in very unexpected places! Here we tell you some that will surprise you

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In Barcelona, there can be found several places with breathtaking views. In this article, we give you some of the best places to enjoy the city from a privileged spot.

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If you intend to spend more than 2 days in the country, it is good to get a local SIM card so you can stay connected with your friends and family and share your travel experience.


Good news: last June roaming was canceled in Europe so if you already have a card bought in any country of the European Union, you have nothing to worry about! Wherever you are in the EU, you will not be charged any roaming fees.


Still, Internet connection is always welcome, especially if you are exploring a new city. So we will tell you how to get the internet for your smartphone in Barcelona if you come from a different region.


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If you are going to Barcelona we recommend you to plan at least a week in this incredible city - there is so much to explore! But in case you don’t have enough time we have prepared a route that will help you to discover the main attractions of Barcelona in just 3 days! We offer you a way that will help you understand the structure of the city, as well as correctly distribute your time according to your interests.


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Art on the Street


We are used to seeing the art in the museums and monuments in the city. But there is much more than just this. We will show you the unconventional art, different from what you’ve seen already. We will see how the greatest artists of the epoch have changed the look of Barcelona and our perception of art as well. We are talking about unusual sculptures, friezes, and mosaics that don’t only decorate the city but convey the history, past deeds, and a deep symbolic meaning.


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Teambuilding in Barcelona 


We would like to offer you an innovative and exciting way to organize your company event in Barcelona - an interactive treasure hunt! The city is full of mysteries and stories - you don’t need to go far to get a fantastic experience!

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Autumn in Barcelona is definitely something worth experiencing.

 Barcelona is a Mediterranean city, so the weather is usually nice and soft, with comfortable temperatures, and very little rain. If you are not from the city, take advantage of the cheaper flights and accommodation. And if you are here, we will tell you what to do this autumn in Barcelona!



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Summer in Barcelona


The amazing summer has come to the city! And there are lots of great things to do in Barcelona and feel its summer spirit! Here we will tell you some of them.


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Get to know the city in 2 days with UnPuzzle Barcelona!


Barcelona is an amazing city, worth staying for two weeks..or two months..or years ;) But in case you can’t stay here that long we’ve prepared for you the best itineraries to explore the city and enjoy the best of Barcelona!


 Here you can find the ideal routes to discover Barcelona in 48 hours prepared by a professional guide and Barcelona lover!



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