How UnPuzzle Barcelona Treasure Hunts Work
discover barcelona

Discover Barcelona

by Solving our treasure hunts

How it works


1Choose one of our cool quests on the website. Buy it online and receive the instructions and activation code at your e-mail

You can do the quest alone, with your friends or family, or partner or even organize a team competition – just choose the right option as you buy your quest! The recommended size of a team is 5 people, if you have a large group consider playing our competition option!

2Go to the starting point indicated in the e-mail. Enter the activation code at the game website and get the first question

Remember, you don`t need to download anything – the quest is at an online platform – but you will need the internet connection all the time to get new questions and send your answers. You can start whenever you want during 1 month after you buy the quest. You can play any time you want, but to enjoy the fullest the places on the route it is recommended to play between 10 – 19 – this way all the sights on the way will be open to visit


Besides, you will find a lot of useful insights and tips about Barcelona, places to visit or things to try, as well as funny and curious information about the sites around you. Each route has the length of 3 – 5 km and is designed for 2 – 3 hours, although it all depends on you – whether you want to take it slow and visit the museums and cafes on your way or challenge yourself and finish it as fast as possible!

4Right answer leads you to the next question. Follow our instructions to reach next location.

Make cool photos on the way, learn interesting facts about Barcelona, enjoy the sun and the city! Answer all the questions, complete the route and get a prize in the end! UnPuzzle Barcelona!

When you finish you will get a prize! For each quest it is different! Free cava or sangria at really cool bars, discounts for nicest and original souvenir stores and greatest experiences in Barcelona! See what you will get!


  • 1. I`ve bought the hunt, what's next?
    You will get all the instructions and the activation code by email. Activate the game when you arrive to the starting point indicated in the e-mail. It is automatically generated and you will receive it a few minutes after the purchase. If you haven`t got the email, please write or call us before the game.
  • 2. How much time do I need to complete the route?
    There are different ways of completing the game - you can go at your own pace, discovering the city without rush and making picture or lunch breaks. In this case it will take you longer than 2 hours. But the time is unlimited, so you can play as long as you want, and if you don't finish the quest, you can do it the next day. The code will be active for 6 months since the day of purchase and for 10 days since you start the quest. Another way is to buy the team competition option - in this case the faster you come to the finish - the better.
  • 3. Do I need to download something? What kind of phone do I need? And if I run out of the battery?
    You don’t need to download anything; you will use a special online game platform. So the main thing you need is the internet connection and enough energy at your phone. If for some reason you need to enter the game from another device, just repeat the procedure - go to the game website and enter the code - the quest will appear at the moment you left it.
  • 4. Will I still have access to the quest after I finish?
    You can download all the questions and the answers as well as your route map as you finish - this way you can use them again to guide you in the city! However, once activated the code can`t be used again to start the quest from the beginning.
  • 5. Will I need a GPS to orient me?
    Read carefully the questions and instruction where to go - all you need to find the place is already there!
  • 6. Is there an app?
    Yes! We have launched a mobile app so you can enjoy our hunts even offline! Find the app UnPuzzle City on the Apple Store - on the Play store -
  • 7. What if I get lost & can`t find the answer?
    For this case you can always use our help buttons. First ones give you useful hints, last one reveals the right answer that will help you continue the quest. Remember that we are also here to help you.
  • 8. Can I do it by bike/ in-line skates?
    Most of the roads are suitable for bikes - but some of the central streets may be too crowded and not convenient to drive. In-line skates are not recommended as most of the streets are made of block-stone.
  • 9. What if the object of the route is not there any more?
    We update our hunts with the most recent info so you will always be able to find the right answer & continue your adventure! If there is something that just happened please call us, we will be very grateful to get the latest news from you and help you of course.