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I`ve traveled a lot and whenever I came to a new city there were very few options to discoverthe city – either hire a tour guide for or join a bigger group or do it in your own. This project is for “on their own travelers” who find guide books really boring and but still want to get to know the city and its history and look for a better alternative. UnPuzzle Barcelona combines everything a traveler would look for – it is easy to buy, available to start at any time – no reservations, mails or phone calls needed, ideal to manage the time, explore the city without getting lost and learn history without getting bored!
And a bit of adventure to make the city investigation more exciting!

our team

Antonina Orlova

Hi! My name is Antonina, andI amthe author and creator of UnPuzzle Barcelona. I`m from Moscow but one day I came to Barcelona and fell in love with this city. Few years later I already found myself living here – that is the power of this city ;) I`ve graduated from MSU, the best University in Russia, and doing now my 2nd Master`s in Barcelona. I have a big travel experience and having worked as an interpreter and tour guide I understand tourist needs very well. With this project I can bring positive emotions and share my love to Barcelona with it even more people. I`m the author of all the quest routes and tasks, and in charge of the creative part of the project, promotion and looking for new partners and collaborators.

Igor Fateev

Igor is one of my best friends.Once I shared with him my idea – and he liked it and decided to help – that`s how our team appeared. Igor is a great project manager, has experience working in several startups and a wide knowledge in any sphere of life. He is in charge of the technical part and coordination of the work of our collaborators. He has really good organization skills and I was really happy when he decided to join the project.

Our collaborators

I would like to thank all the people who contributed to our project

  • Eugenia Anikina - our freelance designer, the creator of our style and logo!
  • Eduardo Alejandro Bastidas and Júlia Mateu Comellas - for their great contribution in the translation of our websites.
  • Oscar Hernan Reina Torres - the author of the best promotional photos for our project.
  • Artsiom Daniliuk - the first contributor of our crowdfunding
  • Andrei Toribio, Jan Kopcsek, Sergei Tetyura - other contributors of our crowdfunding campaign