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 I`ve traveled a lot and whenever I came to a new city there were very few   options to discover the city – either hire a tour guide for or join a bigger   group or do it in your own. This project is for “on their own travelers”   who find guide books really boring and but still want to get to know the   city and its history and look for a better alternative.

 UnPuzzle Barcelona combines everything a traveler would look for – it     is easy to buy, available to start at any time – no reservations, emails or     phone calls needed, ideal to manage the time, explore the city without     getting lost and learn history without getting bored!

 And a bit of adventure to make the city investigation more exciting!

     Our treasure hunts     

barcelona tours

(Re)Discover your city!

What is it: A combination of a treasure hunt + a city quest + an interactive tour
guided with your smartphone

For locals and travelers -  Discover city sights, stories, puzzles, and curiosities      in   a new way, explore the best of the city and have fun! A unique experience      in   Barcelona!

More than tourism - Put the game mode on! Get the riddles on your smartphone    and find the answers on the streets of Barcelona. You'll remember better things    that you discover on your own!


Team Buildings and group events

barcelona treasure hunts



We offer a special game mode for company big group events and team buildings. Compete with your friends or colleagues, get points, see who finishes first and explore the city!

Language schools students - A perfect opportunity for language school and exchange students to practice the language and discover Barcelona!

Birthday parties - A fun and unusual event for your special day in Barcelona!

Bachelorette parties - A fun and unusual event for your special day in Barcelona! Visit to bars included!

Students - for any age - educational treasure hunts to explore Barcelona in a fun way!

Our collaborators

I would like to thank all the people who contributed to our project

  • Igor Fateev - the co-founder and technical advisor of UnPuzzle
  • Eugenia Anikina - our freelance designer, the creator of our style and logo!
  • Eduardo Alejandro Bastidas and Júlia Mateu Comellas - for their great contribution to the translation of our websites.
  • Oscar Hernan Reina Torres - the author of the best promotional photos for our project.
  • Artsiom Daniliuk - the first contributor of our crowdfunding


  • Jan Kopcsek, Sergei Tetyura - other contributors of our crowdfunding campaign

Our Clients