Treasure hunts for Team Building in Barcelona
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Are you looking for an original plan for your date? Or you want to show the city to the children in a funny way and spend a day with your family? Or you’ve found the exit of all the escape rooms in Barcelona and want to do something different with your friends? The city treasure hunt is the best solution!

Create a unique route for your friends or for your work or marketing event using our platform!
Add any kind of questions, geolocation, funny photo challenges - and as many teams as you need for your event! Play together and see who is the smartest, fastest and most creative - our automated system will show you the leaderboard and all teams’ statistics in the end, as well as all the photos of all teams.

Or are you the expert in your own city? Share it with others by creating your self-guided route in the form of a treasure hunt, add it at our platform and start making money!