In Barcelona, there can be found several places with breathtaking views. In this article, we give you some of the best places to enjoy the city from a privileged spot.


  • Tibidabo (Collserola)



This amusement park, located in the highest mountain of Barcelona, has breathtaking views over the city. In addition, you can get on the plane of the amusement park, which is an incredible experience for the little ones. Also, thanks to the movement of the plane, you can see Barcelona from different views.


  • The balcony of MNAC (Montjuic)





The initials MNAC stand for Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (National Art Museum of Catalonia.) This museum has two terraces from which you can enjoy amazing views. 

One of them is located on the top floor of the National Palace. This wonderful place offers you a 360-degree view of Barcelona skyline. The visit to the terrace is free if you pay the entry ticket to the museum.

The other terrace is just in front of the entrance — it is totally free and has amazing views of Plaza España and, if you look further on the horizon, you can even see the mountains.


  • Carmel Bunkers (Turó de la Rovira)


This viewpoint is located on the highest point of Carmel neighborhood. Every day more and more people want to visit this place, so we recommend you to go and admire its unique views. In the past, during the Spanish Civil War, the Carmel Bunkers were defense fortifications where many families lived until the ’90s. This wonderful place gives you the chance to enjoy a 360-degree view of Barcelona skyline.


  • Terrace of the Museum of History of Catalonia



Located in Palau del Mar, this terrace has views of the old harbor (Port Vell), Montjuic and the Gothic quarter, and the entrance is totally free. Right next to it, there’s a bar where you can have a seat and drink a cocktail while enjoying the spectacular views. We recommend you to go during the sunset — you will see the harbor and the historic centre painted with red and gold colors!


  • Montjuic Castle


In the past, the Montjuic Castle was a military stronghold, whereas today it is used to hold cultural activities. Not only can you enjoy the breathtaking views, but also live a very special experience visiting this huge castle in one of the highest points of Barcelona.


  • Collserola Tower


The Collserola Tower was built in 1992 to improve the communication system during the Olympic Games. At an altitude of 560 meters above sea level, this is the highest view of Barcelona city. From this tower, you can enjoy a 360-degree view, thanks to the glass walls of the 10th floor. During the sunny days when the sky is clear, you can see up to 70 km away. Last but not least, you have to pay for the entry ticket, but the experience is worth the price.


  • Park Güell


barcelona park guell


Designed by Antoni Gaudí, this is the most famous park in the city. It is located in a neighborhood on top of a hill, the reason why it has privileged views to enjoy. We recommend you to go up to the stone cross, which is the highest spot in the park, where you can see Barcelona, and the park itself, from a different and special perspective. A little further below, from the terrace designed by Gaudí, you can find the most iconic and famous view of Barcelona.


  • Las Arenas shopping centre (Plaça d’Espanya)




If you get to the top floor of this shopping centre, you will find incredible views. Also, you will be able to spend the afternoon shopping at the very centre of the city, very close to Montjuic.


  • Terraces of hotels in the city centre





The hotels in the city centre have some of the most privileged terraces of the city. Come whenever you’re free, have a drink at the hotel bar, and enjoy the views!


  • Eclipse Bar (Hotel W)


Take a look at Barcelona from another angle! These wonderful views can be found at the prestigious Hotel W (Hotel Vela), right by the sea. On the 26th floor of this hotel, there’s a bar with amazing views, which can be enjoyed without having to take a drink. Don’t miss the chance to live this experience!