Lost in time

Lost in time

Lost in time

Duration: 1-2 hours

Length: 2 km

Activity type: City game, Interactive tour, Treasure hunt

Occasion: Tourists, Locals, Students

Max. № of teams: 2

Team size: 1-6

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

Number of challenges: 10

Start: Plaza del Ángel

End of the route: Via Laietana

Reservation required: 24 hours in advance

Start at Plaza del Ángel

Travel back in time and meet ancient gods and heroes, listen to their stories, walk by Gothic paths and witness some of the major events in the history of Barcelona! Discover the secrets of Roman and Medieval Barcelona!

game mode:
Квест для одного or Квест для двоих

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Route highlights :
  • How many names has changed Barcelona over its history?
  • Hermes, Hercules...what were they doing in Barcelona?
  • Where can you find a real Roman temple?
  • Where was the meeting of Cristobal Columbus and Catholic Kings held?

Learn all these things and solve many curious riddles while finding your way back to the modern city!


Remember, you don`t need to download anything – the treasure hunt is at an online platform – but you will need the internet connection all the time to get new questions and send your answers. You can start whenever you want during 6 months after you buy the experience. You can play any time you want, but to enjoy the fullest the places on the route it is recommended to play between 10 – 19 – this way all the sights on the way will be open to visitors.