Must See Barcelona: in the Gothic labyrinth

Must See Barcelona: in the Gothic labyrinth

Must See Barcelona: in the Gothic labyrinth

Duration: 2-3 hours

Length: 4 km

Activity type: City game, Interactive tour, Treasure hunt, Team competition

Occasion: Tourists, Locals, Team Buildings, Parties, Students

Max. № of teams: 12+

Team size: 1-6

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

Number of challenges: 17

Start: Plaza Catalunya

End of the route: Plaza Real

Reservation required: 24 hours in advance

Start at Catalonia Square

Go all the way from Catalunya Square to the heart of the Old City and learn how not to get lost in the labyrinth of the Gothic quarter. Learn the cool facts and exciting legends, find the hidden gems and feel the enigmatic spirit of the medieval Barcelona!

game mode:
Квест для одного or Квест для двоих

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Route highlights :


   Reveal the secrets of Barcelona!barcelona gotic quarter


   Do you want to know which sculpture represents Barcelona?  


    Find the works of Picasso right on the city walls?


   Which modern building in the heart of Barcelona hides the rests of ancient Roman columns?


  Find the answers to these questions and much more during our Must see Barcelona treasure hunt!


How it works?


Remember, you will need the internet connection all the time to get new questions and send your answers. The access codes will be sent within 24 hours from the moment of the purchase. After that, you can start whenever you want in the 6 months. You can play any time you want, but to enjoy the fullest the places on the route it is recommended to play between 10 – 19 – this way all the sights on the way will be open to visitors.