Autumn in Barcelona is definitely something worth experiencing.


Barcelona is a Mediterranean city, so the weather is usually nice and soft, with comfortable temperatures, and very little rain. You can get around easily with a lightweight sweater and a jacket, without having to worry about many layers of clothes. If you are not from the city, take advantage of the cheaper flights and accommodation. And if you are here, we will tell you what to do this autumn in Barcelona!


Cultural activities


In Autumn and Winter, the number of tourists is lower, so it makes visiting museums, cultural centers and galleries more pleasant and relaxed. It is a good option for a rare rainy day. You can find very interesting exhibitions in CCCB - an arts center in the heart of Barcelona. And If you want to visit the main attractions of Gaudí, such as the Sagrada Família, la Pedrera, el Park Güell or the Casa Batlló, it’s still a good idea to purchase the tickets online to avoid waiting in line. In there, you will find tourists and visitors all year round.

Visit the parks




Another idea to enjoy the incredible colours of the changing autumn leaves or the slightly crisp air, maybe go for a walk or a picnic in the Ciutadella Park or Montjuic. Or if you really want to get lost in nature, then Collserola Park is a perfect place to go! It is a protected area where a wide variety of Mediterranean flora and fauna brings us into contact with nature just 20 minutes away from the bustling city. This is Barcelona's green "lung" and it is perfect this time of the year.






The 1st of November is All Saints' Day. Also, it is the time of Castañada, a traditional festival when a bonfire is made where the chestnuts are roasted and usually people drink Moscatel wine. There is also a tradition of people jumping over the bonfire as it is said to bring good luck.

Give your taste buds an exciting autumnal treat, tasting Panellets - a traditional Catalan dessert, something in between a small pastry and a cookie, usually made of marzipan and covered in pine nuts. There is no better time to have castañas asadas, or roasted chestnuts when you are strolling around the city.


City markets and seasonal produce




Another idea is to explore the Barcelona markets, not just the Boquería. There is at least one market in each neighborhood, and in there you will find a wide offer of seasonal products, such as different types of mushrooms, berries, chestnuts or sweet potatoes.




 For Halloween, the whole city transforms and there are parties everywhere. On the 30th-31st of October you can go on a special night visit in Palau de la Musica and discover unknown spaces, macabre dances, wake rooms, requiems, architecture, and symbology... you would never have imagined that all of that was inside this popular building. And the brave ones can even spend the night there. Or look up for other cool parties and experiences all around the city!