Discover Barcelona with UnPuzzle!

Discover Barcelona with UnPuzzle!

Discover Barcelona with UnPuzzle!

Duration: 2-3 hours

Length: 3km

Activity type: City game, Interactive tour, Treasure hunt, Team competition

Occasion: Tourists, Locals, Team Buildings, Parties, Students

Max. № of teams: 1

Team size: 1-6

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

Number of challenges: 18

Start: Plaza Catalunya

End of the route: Plaza Real

Plaza Catalunya

See how UnPuzzle treasure hunts work and explore the centre of Barcelona!

Discover some of Barcelona's hidden secrets, legends and curiosities in a fun way!

Sample question:

Kiss Wall

Now sneak into a small passage at the other side of the square (the one closer to a bar) and go down the turning left. You’ll see an incredible wall in front created of 4000 tiles representing a giant kiss!


kiss wall barcelona

How about to contribute with another kiss at the “Kiss Wall”? Take a selfie and share it with #unpuzzlelove and send us the link - and get a discount for the next adventure! When you are ready to continue write "ok".
game mode:
Квест для одного or Квест для двоих

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Route highlights :


An exciting route from Plaza Catalunya to the Gothic Quarter!

Complete fun challenges, solve riddles, take pictures, learn new things and enjoy Barcelona!